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Recent news/courses - a cherry picking of just some of the recent courses.............

Kanazawa Kancho Course - Watford  7-8 May 2016
Wonderful to see Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa back in the UK. He held a yudansha class on th Saturday and an Open grade course on the Sunday.

Kobujutsu Course -Bo & Karate Course 30th August 2015
Great Bo course with Sensei Glen and Marcella from Bognor Regis Karate and Kobujutsu Club.   Members from both clubs and visitors from Gosport Shotokan attended. Covered Bo kihon, the kata Shuji No Kon Sho and kumite both with Bo and the empty hand applications. Thanks to all those who took time out of their Bank Holiday weekend to come and train - already looking at planning the next one. Photos in the gallery. 

​Hazard - Trimble Masterclass - Nottingham - 14-15 March 2015
Brilliant Masterclass with two outstanding instructors - Senseis Hazard and Trimble. Small group as always, allowing for more personal tuition. Over the two days we covered Mawashi geri in technical detail, Gankaku including standard bunkai and "street" bunkai. We also reviewed blocks and their use as attacking options rather than purely blocking and finished with jiyu kumite drills. Always grateful to attend these classes and renew friendships in the martial arts world!

SKKIF Winter Course - Watford - 28th February 2015
First SKKIF Course of the year. Four hours of hard training. It was the first course for our club member, Stephen who performed very well as the most junior grade there. Congratulations to Sensei Julie for passing her 4th dan assessment, clearing the way for her to grade with Kancho Kanazawa in May.

Kyoshi Carpenter's 50 years in Karate Course - Windsor - 11 October 2014
Great course with Kancho Kanazawa at the weekend. Took us through a range of kihon drills, and covered the kata Hangetsu, Kanku Sho and Jion. We finished the last session with jiyu kumite drills and combinations aimed at closing down your opponent. The celebratory meal was attended by around 100 guests, well organised by Sensei Clive Young.

Hazard-Trimble Masterclass - Nottingham - 30-31 August 2014
Great course with two amazing instructors. The kata for the weekend was Kanku Dai, so as usual, the kihon and kumite was focussed around this. We corrected a couple "myths" surrounding kokutsu dachi (back stance) and worked on foot positioning in basics. Worked on some close quarter kumite and great "layered" drills. Sensei Trimble also took us for a session on kekomi (side thrust kick) again ironing out some mis-interpretations and demonstrating how to perform the kick correctly.

​SKKIF Nationals - June 2014
Great turnout at the SKKIF National Championships held at Trevellyan School in Windsor. 
Julie Brightman won 1st Place in Women's Dan Grade Kumite and also 1st Place in Women's Dan Grade Kata performing Gojushiho Dai.
Peter Hawdio won 1st Place in Men's Team Kumite along with Chris Gillies and Og. He took 2nd Place in the Men's Dan Grade Kata and 3rd in the Men's Dan Grade Kumite narrowly losing to Chris Gillies.

Congratulations to Sensei Julie who achieved 4th dan with Kancho Kanazawa in Blackpool, during the course 15-17th May 2015. It was a tough grading, with both herself and Pete Crawford tested with a challenging stance kata along with a drilling on bunkai for their tokui kata - Gojushiho Sho.