Kyomeikai Karate Club shotokan karate


Chief Instructor:

Sensei Peter Hawdio 4th Dan Karate, 2nd Dan Kobujutsu

Assistant Instructors/Senpai:

Senpai Phil Tabor, Nidan (2nd Dan)
Senpai Sabbir Miah, Shodan (1st Dan)
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The clubs' instructors strive to improve their skills and techniques – training daily and regularly attending training courses and seminars across the world. They regularly attend courses with a variety of instructors including Senseis Kanazawa, Trimble, Hazard, to name a few. An annual highlight of their training program is the SKI Belgium Summercamp which they have attended for many years, taking a group from UK. In 2013 Peter travelled to Japan and spent a month training in Japan in the SKIF Honbu dojo - training daily with the HQ Japanese Senseis including Kanazawa (Soke, Kancho, Daizo, Fumitoshi), Suzuki, Tanaka and Wakisaka. 

Kobujutsu - In addition to karate, Peter holds a 2ndt Dan in kobujutsu (weapons) studying under Sensei Julian Mead 7th dan. Sensei Mead is the Chief Instructor and Founder of the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association of Great Britain (RKAGB) - with direct links back to Japan and his instructor Sensei Motokatsu Inoue - with whom Sensei Mead lived and trained for 6 years . The study of weapons links hand in hand with the empty hand style of karate. For us discovering those links is part of the journey. The study of kobujutsu is a long and challenging journey - the study includes Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, and Tekko. Peter travelled to Okinawa for the international seminar in 2019. More information can be found on the association website

Peter   first started karate in 1993 in Australia before exploring other martial arts including Judo and Zen Do Kai gaining his black belt in the latter in 1995. Later, in England he studied Wing Chun before eventually returning to Shotokan Karate in 2009. Starting again at white belt he retook his kyu gradings with SKKIF under Soke (Hirokazu) Kanazawa and Kancho (Nobuaki) Kanazawa. Alongside SKKIF he was also a member of Tora Karate Academy for many years (a Shotokan club founded by Michael "Sandy" Beach with its roots in JKA). This dual association link led him to taking two Shodan (1st Dan) gradings in the space of one week. He most recently graded to Yondan (4th Dan) in 2022. 

Peter has had some competition success, with National titles in kumite and kata. However his focus is more on the technical aspects of karate. This focus sees him constantly researching and studying movement and technique, resulting in clearer ways to teach these aspects in class.