code of conduct

Karate is a martial art and as such there are some "rules" to adhere to:


  • Arrive at the class in enough time to change and warm up
  • "Bow" when you enter to dojo as a mark of respect as to where you are about to train
  • Address the instructors as "Sensei" and assistant instructors as "Sempai"
  •  When responding to commands or in acknowledgement use the term "Oss"
  • Ensure you wear a clean gi, nails should be trimmed, long hair tied back, jewellery removed
  • If you are late, kneel inside the door and await acknowledgement from the instructor before bowing and joining the class
  • Groin guards should be worn by males and chest guards are recommended for females


  • You must hold a valid licence which is issued by the club
  • Insurance must be renewed every year - this is arranged via the club
  • Training fees are payable by monthly direct debit (details from club instructors)
  • Gis, mitts, gumshields, belts are all available via the club
  • Always show respect to other students and your instructors - an important aspect of karate