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Benefits of training with Kyomeikai Karate Club


  • Health, fitness and self defence
  • Improved stamina, coordination, confidence and flexibility
  • Regular training with Japanese and other world renowned instructors
  • Quality instruction by experienced, enthusiastic instructors
  • Opportunity to travel and attend courses all over the world

Karate in kew & TWICKENHAM

  Kyomeikai Karate Club

Traditional shotokan karate club, affiliated to Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF)  via SKKIF and following the teaching of Soke and Kancho Kanazawa .

Karate is accessible to all ages and levels of ability, whether starting out or returning to martial arts after having studied it at a "younger" age. We cater for children over 13 and adults, so come along, try a class  and join a club with experienced, technical instructors!
Private lessons also available.